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Essays & Articles

To have impact, you have to get through all this visual noise’: How CONTACT’s outdoor installations keep Toronto guessing (British Journal of Photography)
The little bookstores that could: Why independent shops are showing resilience among the behemoths (Globe & Mail)
On the Mend: A Visible Mending Renaissance (SSENSE)
Attachment Theory: A Strong Case for Soft Collars (SSENSE)
Denim Monogamist (SSENSE)
Forever Knight Is the Best Vampire Cop Show Ever Made (in Canada) (Vulture)
Debut Novels by Pik-Shuen Fung, Rahul Raina and Isle McElroy (New York Times)
The Swimming Pool Library (Hazlitt)
The Year in Making Clothes (Hazlitt)
Quick Fix (Real Life)
Profiles & Interviews

‘Stories of Haunted Houses’: An Interview with Rachel Aviv (Hazlitt)
Claudia Dey on Women’s Work, Acting as Writing, and the Complicated Allure of Patriarchs (Literary Hub)
This Designer Is Preserving the Old Ways of Making Furniture (BESIDE)
Knittin’ on Top of the World (SSENSE)
Touchy Feely with Chopova Lowena (SSENSE)
Personal Space with Josh Itiola (SSENSE)
How Martha Schabas mined life and art for new novel ‘My Face in the Light’ (Globe & Mail)
An Interview with Young Jean Lee (The Believer)
She Was a Mystery’: An Interview with Camilla Wynne (Hazlitt)
‘Underachieving Can Be an Act of Profound Self-Care’: An Interview with Rachel Yoder (Hazlitt)
‘It’s About Making a Person More Herself’: Translating Elena Ferrante (Hazlitt)
Works of Art Are Made Out of Patterns’: An Interview with Ben Lerner (Hazlitt)
We Must Have a Desire to Make Scale Models of the Universe’: An Interview with George Saunders (Hazlitt)
I’m Fun If You’re a Dour Weirdo’: An Interview with Scaachi Koul (Hazlitt)


CAPTCHA (Hazlitt)
Sweetness (Hazlitt)
Midnight Express (Web Safe 2k16)

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