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Naomi is a writer, editor & artist. 

Primarily she writes for magazines and newspapers: The New York Times, Vulture, Beside, BLOCK, The Believer, the Globe and Mail, Hazlitt, Toronto Life, The Walrus, SSENSE, the British Journal of Photography, the Canadian Theatre Review, Canadian Art, Real Life, The Hairpin, NOW Magazine and others. 

As an essayist and critic, Naomi often focuses on different expressions of liveness, from theatre to craftsmanship to swimming pools. Mixing reporting, research, and in-depth interviews, her favourite assignments are the ones that permit access to private people and hallowed places.


She is currently the interviews editor at Hazlitt.


Naomi is a copywriter & brand strategist. 


With more than ten years of experience in marketing and copywriting, Naomi has worked with a diverse range of luxury brands and agencies including CO Collections, Canada Goose, ORXSTRA, Authorized Dealer, and Carry Corp. 

Naomi has a lot of hobbies. 

Since 2019, Naomi has been producing slow fashion and soft sculpture under the name Casual Clowne. Occasionally she acts on stage, takes pictures, makes quilts and provides dulcet voiceover for solemn documentaries.

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